What is Subsidence?

The Friant-Kern Canal was designed as a gravity fed facility and does not rely on pumps to move water. Subsidence (which is the gradual sinking of an area of land) has caused parts of the canal to sink in relationship to others parts. This negatively affects the canal’s ability to convey water. When the land elevation lowers, the canal must be operated at a lower flow-stage to ensure that water doesn’t overflow the banks.
Subsidence has reduced the ability to deliver water to many Friant Division Contractor’s by nearly 60%.

A water supply in peril

Read documents from the research and effort being done by the Friant Division to create a sustainable path forward for the Friant-Kern Canal.

“The SVWA is unique in that it’s not trying to be all things to all people,” Vink said. “We will be looking at state and federal policies and legislation that are pertinent to our water supply. If it’s not directly applicable to all our members, we won’t purse it. We formed for a common purpose and will pursue those common interests…”

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